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Z-71 Microbe Shield All Purpose Sanitiser [250 mL]

Z-71 Microbe Shield All Purpose Sanitiser [250 mL] Loading...


Z-71 Microbe Shield Sanitiser & Protectant

  • Z-71 Microbe Shield is a new generation Quaternary Ammonium disinfectant by Zoono.
  • Z-71 Microbe Shield attaches to surfaces and offers protection against pathogens for up to 30 days*.
  • Once attached to a surface, Z-71 Microbe Shield kills pathogens by a combination of mechanical and chemical actions.
  • Fogging delivery ensures superior coverage of all surfaces. Spraying allows top-up on high traffic spots
  • Z-71 Microbe Shield has been approved by the Australian Governments’ Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) for use against COVID-19, bacteria and germs on hard surfaces^.


  1. Remove all animals
  2. Must be applied to a dry surface.
  3. Remove all portable equipment.
  4. Empty all water and feed containers.
  5. Remove all organic contaminants using an approved detergent.
  6. Allow to dry.
  7. Fog: Apply to all surfaces with approved fogger
    Note: Application rates vary to account for higher wall to floor ratio in smaller rooms
    Spray: Spray 50cm from target surfaces ensuring a misting application is achieved. Spray onto a dry surface and wipe with a cloth if necessary.

Note: not for use in milk contact areas in dairies.