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Equimec Paste (6.42g)

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Broad spectrum horse dewormer for control of roundworms, bots and summer sores. Low dose volume with wide syringe opening for quick administration. Wide safety margin and is safe for use in horses of all ages including foals from 6-8 weeks, pregnant mares and breeding stallions. Species treated and controlled include large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworm, ascarids, hairworm, stomach worms, threadworms, bots, lungworm and skin lesions caused by Habronema, Draschia and Onchocerca species. See full detail of species and stages treated here.



1.07g per 100kg liveweight, or 1 syringe per 600kg horse, orally. Adjust dosage knob to horse's weight, lock in place and press plunger. Syringe presentation. Place nozzle into side of mouth and deposit dose as far back over the tongue as possible. Raise horse's head for a few seconds after dosing to ensure dose has been swallowed.

Do not use in any other animals intended for human consumption

WHP (Meat, horses): 21 days