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Activyl for Kittens and Cats (up to 4kg) [6 Pack]

Activyl for Kittens and Cats (up to 4kg) [6 Pack] Loading...

Activyl® for Cats is a spot-on preparation that kills adult fleas and also controls the immature stages of the flea in your cat's environment. Activyl contains the unique active ingredient indoxacarb and features bioactivation – a mode of action that uses enzymes inside the flea to activate Activyl's full flea-killing power, but remains safe for your cat.  

  • Controls existing flea infestations and provides control of new infestations for up to 4 weeks
  • Controls flea allergy dermatitis for up to 4 weeks
  • Controls immature stages of fleas, breaking the flea life-cycle
  • Can be applied after bathing or shampooing, once your pet's coat is dry

Activyl for Cats can be used in kittens and cats from 8 weeks of age.

Available in single (1 pack) and 6 month supply (6 pack).

At least three consecutive treatments are recommended for effective control of flea infestations on the pet and in the pet’s environment (washing pet's bedding and vacuuming), and continued treatment is needed to prevent pets from bringing new fleas home. For best results, Activyl should be applied all year-round to avoid giving flea populations a chance to build up on pets and in homes.