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Racumin Paste (500g)

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Ready to use multi-feed rodenticide sachets in a 5kg bucket. Fatally attractive combination of vegetable fat and carbohydrates that are highly palatable to rats and mice. For use in domestic, industrial, wharf areas, around farm buildings, dairies and meatworks (non-product areas).



Place baits in areas of known rodent activity. Application rate 3-6 sachets per bait site. Do not exceed 3m between baits for mice, or 9m for rats. Eliminate, as far as practicable, all alternative food sources. If eaten quickly increase the number of bait sachets. Continue replenishment until no more bait is taken. Baiting for at least 2 weeks is necessary to reduce mouse or rat numbers. Read product brochure for full baiting strategy details.

Bait stations

Do not place baits in open unless in bait stations. Do not place baits in any position accessible to children, livestock or domestic pets. Do not remove bait from paper sachet.