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Quickbayt (350g)

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Ready to use sugar-based fly bait granules that lure flies away and kill them quickly (less than one minute) for up to 4 weeks. For the control of houseflies and lesser houseflies (including organophosphate resistant strains) in commercial, industrial and domestic areas. Add a protein source for effective control of bush flies also. Contains Bitrex, an acutely bitter agent which reduces the possibility of accidental ingestion by children, domestic animals or wildlife.


Imidacloprid, Tricosene

Avoid cool or windy locations because flies prefer warm sites for resting. For best results time applications to begin at the start of the season before fly populations have reached their peak. Application rate 2gm per square metre. Apply by scattering (do not pile) onto dry surfaces, placing in bait stations (shallow lids/similar), sprinkling on moist hessian sacks as a wet bait, or painting on as a mix of 50g QuickBayt in 37.5mL water (wait 15minutes after mixing before applying to places where flies rest with a brush). Re-bait every 3-5 days depending on exposure, weather and density of fly populations. Ensure bait is positioned away from animals, feed troughs, feed storage and mixing areas.

Product is not attractive to all species of flies and control of non-target species may require other means of control. Do not allow contact with raw or processed food, utensils or packaging. Do not contaminate streams, rivers of waterways with chemical or used containers. Highly toxic to bees. Will irritate eyes. Wash hands, gloves and contaminated clothing after each days use.